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People who suffer from tinnitus largely either suffered from depression or stress-related anxiety before the onset of the noise. This fact, in part, explains the efficacy of hypnosis in the relief of tinnitus. For many decades it has been known that hypnosis reduces stress, anxiety, and phobias. Now we are learning that hypnotherapy is effective in the treatment of depression, and, now tinnitus.

When a person experiences tinnitus or any illness, there are emotional clusters of feelings attached to the illness within the neurology of the individual. In psychology, these are known as "state-dependent memories." The memories are so powerful because of the emotional attachment to them. With tinnitus, the emotions can run the gamut from anger to anxiety and distress to depression.

It is this form of hypnotherapy for tinnitus reduction that has been studied on several occasions with results of measurable improvement ranging from about 2/3 to 3/4.

Richard Barker is a world-renowned professional hypnotist, media source, television personality, author and keynote speaker. He has spent the last 20 years helping people from all over the world with his hypnosis and hypnotherapy services. Richard has improved the lives of countless clients that needed hypnosis to get over an obstacle, phobia or behavior. Using his Master’s Degree in Education, he is constantly helping others understand the true power of hypnosis. For a private personal one on one appointment GO HERE 


This powerful audio track speaks directly to the mind and the parts of the brain that regulates your thoughts. This audio is one of the most effective ways to reduce tinnitus, sometimes referred to as ringing in the ear. This audio contains hypnosis music and language.

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