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This brand new, 32-page eBook, Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep, introduces you to what sleep hygiene is and how important sleep habits are. With this eBook, you get an in-depth guide all about sleep hygiene, and how the daily habits and nighttime routines people have can dictate the quality of sleep they will get.

Chapter 1 – Understanding Sleep Hygiene

Chapter 2 – The Effects of Sleep Hygiene

Chapter 3 – Setting Up a Room Sanctuary

Chapter 4 – Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

You can purchase the Better Sleep ebook here or go to the main SLEEP HYGIENE WEBSITE


Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this cure my insomnia?FAQS

It can certainly help you understand why you are not sleeping properly. Just by reading, you will gain more insight

Is this hypnotic?FAQS

No, it is designed for information only, you can get our insomnia MP3 for a better experience

Does hypnosis really help?FAQS

yes absolutely, hypnosis works wonders for a lack of sleep

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