Secrets Of The Stage Revealed: The Guide To Hypnosis And Stage Hypnotism

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This 401-page book is crammed full of information and advice for the new or experienced hypnotist. The book is a wonderful read if you have any interest in Hypnosis or simply want to know how it is done.

It is a new fresh and exciting title that unwraps the mystery surrounding what hypnotists do on stage. Richard Barker goes into depth teaching and advising on how to perform stage shows as well as how to give better presentations and promote and market shows.

He covers social media and back of room sales as well as inductions and street hypnosis. This book is very detailed and goes far beyond other books in print about stage hypnosis.


One of the best Stage hypnosis "how to" hypnosis books out there. Most of the stage hypnotists out there today started by reading Secrets of the stage revealed. The guide to hypnosis and stage hypnotism. The book will appeal to those wanting to learn hypnosis or who are already a hypnotist wanting to brush up on their skills as well as a curious audience member. This book will quickly earn it’s place as the only guide to stage hypnotism and will become an instant classic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry No question is Present

Will this make me a hypnotist?FAQS

The book will give you a great foundation, but we suggest you take some live training

Does the book include funny routines?FAQS

Yes, included are many routines you can perform

Can I do speed hypnosis?FAQS

The book does cover instant and rapid inductions

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